[To NBC]


Your information about the program "Uprising" includes the following         



"Against impossible odds, [the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto] hold off the       

German army longer than the entire country of Poland."                       


One must wonder what is behind this gratuitous statement. In fact, the       

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising lasted from April 19 till May 16, 1943, that is       

twenty-seven days, whereas Poland, abandoned by its British and French       

allies and invaded by Germany on September 1, 1939, and by the Soviet        

Union on September 17, 1939, did not [militarily capitulate] until October 5,   

1939, that is thirty-five days later, and even then fought on in Europe's    

most extensive underground resistance against the German occupation.         


Moreover, a comparison between the street fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto    

and the Polish military forces, which of course included Polish citizens   

of Jewish origin, seems highly inappropriate. If a comparison is            

necessary, it would be more appropriate to mention that the Warsaw         

Uprising, which began on August 1, 1944, which engulfed the whole city and 

its population, lasted sixty-three days, more than twice as long as the    

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. But what is the point of such a comparison? It can 

only be made by someone who wishes to demean the heroism of the Jewish     

fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto. One suspects that such was the motivation   

for the false claim that they fought "longer than the entire country of    





John J. Kulczycki

Department of History (MC 198)

University of Illinois at Chicago