Professor Piotr Wrobel about phrase in “Uprising” promotion.


I am looking forward to watching the mini-series entitled “Uprising.”  I have been specializing in the Polish-Jewish history for many years and I teach it at the University of Toronto.  My seminar on the “Polish Jews since the Partitions of Poland” is a part of the University’s Jewish Studies Program and I hope that I will be able to discuss the series with my students.  Yet, I am surprised and disappointed with a write-up of the film presented on the NBC website.  It includes a sentence “Against impossible odds, they [the insurgents] hold off the German army longer than the entire country of Poland…”  The Warsaw Ghetto uprising was a tragic and heroic event but, unfortunately, from a military point of view, it was almost completely irrelevant.  Comparing it to Poland’s contribution to World War II compromises the series before it has been broadcast.


Piotr Wrobel Ph. D.

Associate Professor and Konstanty Reynert Chair of Polish History

University of Toronto


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